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Beyond the body

Beyond the body

20 jun 2016 by Tracey Cook

LOVE is beyond body, mind, heart, and soul
A Lover simply is LOVE  ~ Rumi

Beyond the body, beyond the thoughts, deeper than and yet embracing our emotions and external experiences …there is simply Life.  The boundless, unborn, undying, timeless energy of All Life.  It throbs and pulses, pregnant with the desire to express itself in every way possible.  It is playful in nature, yet with a fierce grace, and a beauty, compassion, and wisdom which go beyond what words could ever encompass.  

This energy is a mother… The Supreme Mother, dancing and twirling, and birthing into existence All That Is.

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Her capacity to create is boundless, expressing form in countless ways: every raindrop, flower, chemical reaction, energetic movement beyond what our senses perceive, every animal, the vastness of space. And in humans… every heartbeat, breath, idea, and creation.

This amazing fractilian dance, ever expanding into what appears to be utter chaos and destruction … what our minds translate as oblivion. And at the same time this creative force is contracting infinitely inward, folding in on itself in order to know and re-unite with itself through us.

Her message sings itself through all these forms, and together we are the ‘One Song’, the Universe: each individual note, the melodies and harmonies, the instruments, the audience, the composer, the stave upon which the notes are written, and the breath through which it is played. We are it all in its ever-changing, temporal nature.

So what else to do but enjoy the Song and rest in the mystery of it all…

To give thanks for the gift of walking on this Earth, to be able to feel the sun on our skin and the cool breeze. This gift of Life brings with it all extremes: the greatest joys, the deepest sorrows, and everything in-between. Let us welcome them all and know that they are all part of Life’s Great Song.

This gift of Life brings with it all extremes: the greatest joys, the deepest sorrows, and everything in-between, Let us welcome them all.

The gift of being able to so deeply feel every emotion, the gifts of memory and projection, and all the subtle nuances of the mind, let us welcome them all from the space beyond it all: as The Mother herself. 

For it is not that which is perceived with the senses, but That which makes perception possible which is Eternal. May we know this to be ourselves: That which makes all of this possible.

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