Yoga: the way back home

Our daily lives are so crammed with thinking, talking, analysing, planning and doing, it's easy to forget the simple wonder of being alive. Yoga offers us a way to rediscover the balance...

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In today’s modern society we seem to spend so much time being busy: cramming as many things as we can into each day, always thinking, analysing, and filling our minds with all sorts of plans and information.  

There is, of course, a place for all these things.  But somewhere along the way we seem to have upset the balance... that beautiful balance between doing and being, thinking and feeling/experiencing, effort and surrender, action and stillness.  We seem most of the time to be caught in the external world of form and have forgotten or neglected the formless, timeless, stillness within which holds the simple wonder and joy of being alive.

The practice of yoga is one of many ways to rediscover that balance.  It is often thought of as a process of shedding the physical, mental, and emotional tension, which we carry around needlessly - often without even realising that we have it.  It also helps us to know the nature of the mind so that we can free ourselves from being trapped by thoughts and egos, and allows us to shed the burden of judgement so that we can speak and act from a place of pure wisdom and compassion.

Of course, this is a life-long process and practice.  Life continues to happen, our minds continue to create thoughts and judgements, but through the practice of various forms of yoga, we can continue to shed what is unnecessary and blossom into a beautiful alignment and balance between action and awareness. 

Thus, one of the definitions for the term “yoga” (and it happens to be my favourite definition!)  is “the way back home”: the way back to the home deep within ourselves where all the knowing we need about loving and living resides.  

A suggested class for EkhartYogis...

Come home to yourself - balance oppositions and cultivate friendliness, regardless of what happens 'outside' in this 60 min Yin yoga class with Anat. One EkhartYoga member describes it as "poetry in motion."

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