Your Home Yoga Studio

Your Home Yoga Studio

60 minute yoga classes to help you keep up your practice and challenge your body and mind. Not a member yet? Click Follow program to register for your two-week free trial.

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Full-length yoga classes to help you keep connected to your practice and each other

Give your body an extra workout while at home. This program of studio-style yoga classes will help you tone up, improve your strength and stamina - but perhaps, most of all, develop a stronger connection and commitment to your yoga practice.

How does it work?

Classes are 60 minutes of ‘all-round’ Hatha or Vinyasa flow and will build up from All levels to level 2 / 3. We’ll practice 2 classes twice a week for five weeks.

Whilst you may be used to doing shorter classes regularly, practicing longer classes may not only challenge you physically, but mentally too. Rest assured, we’ll develop the intensity gradually and you will be guided and supported by an expert mix of teachers and, of course, your fellow yogi practitioners!

How do I join?

You have unlimited access to this, and all of our Programs, as part of your EkhartYoga membership. Register for your free trial or sign in and then click 'follow program'.

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