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When the natural flow of life moves freely, our body feels alive and our mind vibrant. Yet we have moments in our life when we feel drained, uninspired and depleted of vital fuel in our bodies. How do we tap into the abundance that is the very source of life?

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When you’re running low on juice, it is time to take a break to align with the current of life’s energy. Taking a break and getting away from your life as you know it, might break the slump you’re in. Whether that’s a night with friends, a weekend away or a yoga retreat. But what happens when that’s not possible. What can we do right here and now?

Below are some easy practical things that will raise your awareness of how to positively influence your mojo and get back into a groovy, natural flow:

1. Slow down everything.

Slow down your movements, your thought process (see step 3 on “how to”) and anything else you DO. When you slow down, you are more likely to remember all the things you need to remember and do them with awareness and care. This makes it less likely you will forget your keys, grocery bags, or whatever you need to bring before you run out of the house. Reducing your speed will also make it less likely you will bump and trip over things or drop and break things. Slowing down gets you more in touch with where you are in the moment, allowing you to use your battery juice more efficiently.

2. Optimise your posture to improve your breath.

Sit up tall, stand up straight in order to improve and promote deeper breathing in your body. The breath is your first life-link and very much influences how you feel, how you think and what amount of energy you have. Breathing deeper oxygenates your muscles, your brain and speeds up elimination of toxins in your body. It can calm your mind and nervous system and energise you at the same time. This is very effective in conjunction with step 1; take a deep breath, then act. A win-win-win situation for you increasing life energy.

3. Connect to the world around you.

This sounds paradoxical as our environment often seems the very cause of us feeling depleted and run down. But all of creation is made up of energy. More energy efficient life comes from sharing that energy and not trying to be self-sustaining. When you have ample, give it out, when you’re depleted, take it in. Breaking down the barriers of energy between you and the world has also another big advantage to you. To direct outwards, you instantly calm your thought process. So much of your energy is wasted by the endless recycling of your own (negative) thoughts. To extend out means you literally get away from your own mind.

You can do this at any time, wherever you are. Just stop for a moment and connect to all the sounds you hear, the scents you smell, everything you can see, near and far. Feel and sense the world. To focus your attention outward instead of in, you can tap into the energy of the world and get out of your own head where your thoughts act like energy-suckers on your life batteries

4. Dropyour plans.

When you slow down and breathe deeper, and get out of your head, you might realise you packed your week pilling up too many things. What can you skip in your agenda that you don’t actually need to do? Make this task like a spring cleaning of your monthly planner and clear out the stuff that drags your energy down. It’s been said many times before, but turn off your phone and internet and single task instead of multi-tasking! Practise doing one thing at the time with no distractions, and you will find, your attention span will go up and you get what needs to be done, much faster. Do what is needed (which surprisingly might be far less than you thought is really necessary) and free up space on the hard drive of your life.

5. Make plans.

Plan something in the near future that excites you. Something fun, something out of the ordinary (maybe something off your bucket list) Skydiving, pottery classes, language lessons or a nice yoga retreat! Having something special to look forward to, inspires and gives energy. The anticipation of something fun invites more creativity into your life today.

6. Go out in nature.

Studies have shown numerous benefits of being exposed to the green stuff. For example, hospital patients heal and recover faster from operations when they have a view on green spaces instead of a concrete scenery. Daily exposure and connection to nature have a positive effect on many conditions such as ADHD, ADD and depression. If you live in an urban area, visit your favourite park or even just find a tree in your area and cosy up. Just looking at green will connect you more to life’s cycles and will allow you to tap into your abundance.

All you need is here

The moral of these 6 steps is really that everything you need is right in front of you and available at any time. We just drift off and forget. Every now and then, we need to be reminded of it and re-set our programming to fully tap into the abundance that is the essence of all.

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Sandra CarsonWith almost two decades of experience studying the body, mind and heart, Sandra has developed a style of teaching that aims to make yoga a holistic, self-reflective, and spiritual practice.