Build up to Bakasana

Build up strength and stability using blocks to help you to float into Bakasana.

Bakasana yoga

1. To build up strength, place two blocks shoulder distance apart, directly underneath your face and come into Plank.


2. Roll slightly forwards over the toes and lower into Chaturanga so that your shoulders rest lightly upon the blocks and your elbows skim the sides of your waist. Lower your knees to the ground first, eventually working towards full Chaturanga as you gain strength in the shoulders and wrists.  


3. Working up to Bakasana: stand on the block and place the hands, shoulder-distance apart, hands flat on the floor. Snuggle the knees up the upper arms and take the weight forward a little, coming onto your tip-toes. Bending the elbows and squeezing them together is crucial to finding the Crow pose. Mimic what you felt in step two!  Trust is a huge part of this step.


4. Play with balancing, taking one foot off the block and then the other. 


5. Once you begin to build up strength, you can try taking both feet off the block. Keep drawing your elbows together, engaging your core and take your weight forwards. 


6. If you’re afraid of falling, place a few blankets or cushions in front of you. Alternatively, you could try placing a block underneath your forehead. 


It may take a while before you come into the full pose but practise, practise, practise – and have fun!

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