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We're offering free online yoga and meditation classes designed to help with stress and anxiety caused by the COVID-19 virus. Please help us share these with your communities.

Free online yoga classes EkhartYoga

Back in March 2020 we shared our first relief campaign of free online yoga and meditation classes. Back then lockdown measures were only just starting to come into place in countries outside of China and Italy but as the situation developed rapidly each day the coronavirus pandemic began to impact us all directly. 

We were able to reach over 50,000 people globally with the free classes and went on to offer daily live yoga and meditation sessions. We were moved by the feedback on the classes and by experiencing and witnessing the power of connection and community. 

Roll forward to today and after months of collective uncertainty, money worries and isolation, now more than ever, we need to be able to draw on resources like yoga and meditation to take care of our mental and physical well-being.

That’s why we’ve launched another free program of classes for you to practice and share with your friends, families and communities. 

5 week live meditation program on EkhartYoga starting May 24th 18:00 CET

Every week we’ll come together as a community to meditate – to awaken, connect and grow.

The live meditations are free for everyone to watch. We’ll plant a tree for everyone who meditates with us live. So please invite your friends and family to join in and create a global movement. Visit the program page and click the Follow Program button to join in – if you’re new to EkhartYoga you’ll be prompted to create a free account to watch the meditations.

We also have our selection of free yoga and meditation classes for the communtity:

The classes are designed to help with four main areas: 

🙏🏻 Relaxation: Use your body, breath and mind to release stress and tackle anxiety.

🌙 Better Sleep: Calm your nervous system and soothe your mind for a restful night of sleep.

💪🏻 Strength: Develop your confidence and resilience for dealing with daily challenges.

💙 Tension Relief: Give your achy neck, shoulders and back muscles some extra love.

Please help us share the
EkhartYoga for the Community classes. 

The free yoga and meditation classes include:

Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

Gentle yoga suitable for all levels to shift the attention from the head to the body, inviting in peace and relaxation. 
Strength building yoga to keep your body health, mobile and resilient.
Therapeutic yoga to tackle muscle tension from stress and working from home, especially in the shoulders and backs


Peaceful meditations to settle your mind and help deal with challenging circumstances. 

Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and Guided Relaxations 

Deep, restful practices to relax and calm the nervous system, and release physical and emotional tension.

We would love you to help us share these classes so that more people can benefit from them. The classes are absolutely free.

We stand by our values of connection, support and love, and our mission to create positive change in the world through yoga.

With love

Esther Ekhart and the team at EkhartYoga

EkhartYoga for the Community

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Esther EkhartEsther Ekhart, face and founder of EkhartYoga, brings years of personal yoga and meditation practice, therapy training and study of yoga philosophy into her teaching.