Rolling of the joints

At the core of our bodies, we are a magical fabric of bones held together with connective tissues at joints where two (or more) bones meet.

rolling of the joints

It is only at the joints that we are able to move and these connections need lubrication and mobility to stay healthy and open.

Taking time for daily movement at the joints is a key element in maintaining healthy joints… and in turn, healthy muscles and bones. 

This sequence of ‘Rolling the Joints’ is a tour through all the articulations of the body to mobilize them and in doing so, they self-lubricate!


It is an excellent start to the day to awaken the whole body. On a more subtle level, in bringing your attention from head to toe and all through your body, we also awaken our ‘presence’ to be fully in our bodies and not just in our heads… thinking!

Have a look at the video below and join me. Or try the full length class if you’re an EkhartYoga member: Awaken and energize sequence for the whole body

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David LureyDavid Lurey interweaves spiritual teaching themes into his teaching, along with intelligent sequencing, a heartfelt passion for music, and a dose of humour.