Get fit and healthy with yoga

Improve your fitness, stamina and core strength in this 10 day yoga challenge...

get fit and healthy

Get fit and healthy in 10 days, is one of our most popular programs on Ten 30 minute yoga classes with Esther Ekhart full of core work and energizing Sun Salutations.

This is a really fun, active set of classes which will make you feel great and make a big difference to your yoga practice. All 10 classes are around 30 minutes long so you can fit them into your day. – Esther Ekhart

What you can expect

Build strength and stamina

During this program we do lots of core strengthening poses and exercises. Plus lots of continuous Sun Salutations – Ashtanga style – so you will improve your stamina as well as strengthening and toning your legs and upper body. Practising yoga will become much easier with a strong core and it also helps to protect your back and improve your posture.

When you increase your overall fitness and strength you will become more confident, in your yoga practice but also in daily life. 

get fit and healthy

Create a healthy habit

Sticking with something for 10 days in a row (or longer) is also pretty wonderful. You create a healthy habit. Your body and mind can relax knowing the practice is coming. 

Who is the program for?

Everyone can follow this program, whether you are a beginner or experienced you will still feel the benefits. However, because there is lots of strong core work this program is not suitable for you if you are pregnant or have any issues with your abdominal area.

I recommend that you take as long as you need for the challenge so that you can build up in your pace. We build up quickly so you may wish to repeat a class the next day before you move on to the next one, this means many people will take longer than 10 days – that’s totally fine. Adjust this program to your needs and to where you are at, right now.

I give some suggestions for challenging classes at the end of the 10 days so that you can test out the benefits of the program straight away.

Join me!


What you say

“I did this program when I first joined the site. I was a beginner, and it took me WAY longer than 10 days, but it helped me develop a regular practice and I was ready to move on to longer and more strenuous classes when I was done.” – Sarah

“Woohoo day ten! Today I was able to hold crow pose for a breath or two. I couldn’t believe it! I lifted one leg and then the other and there I was. Thank you for this program! I can’t believe I made it here” – Melissa 

Going on holiday?

Take us with you! EkhartYoga members can use our free iOS or Android app to download all 10 classes for free and play them offline. So you can still join in the program wherever you are. 

Find out more about the app 

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