Yoga for increased fitness

This sequence will elevate your heart rate, challenge your balance and increase your arm and leg strength.

Yoga for increased fitness

Begin on your right side:

1. Come into Warrior III and place your hands in prayer position.

1a. Bend your standing leg.

Warrior 3 bent leg

1b. Straighten your standing leg. Then alternate between bending and straightening x 10.

Warrior 3 pose

2. Lower hands to the ground and lift the left leg, coming into Standing splits.

Standing splits.

2a. Bend both legs tapping left knee to the outside of the right foot (or as low as your body allows), mimicking a curtsy.

Knee dips

2b. Go back into Standing splits and then repeat the movement – curtsy to Standing Splits x 10.

3. Plant your hands onto the ground and come onto the ball of the right foot.

Standing splits tip toes

3a. Kick up towards Handstand. Repeat Handstand hops x 10.

Handstand hops

4. Step the left leg back into Low lunge 

Low lunge

5. Then step the right leg back into Plank

Plank pose

5a. Lower to Chaturanga 

Chaturanga Dandasana

5b. Push back to Plank. Repeat Chaturanga to Plank x 10

Plank pose

Repeat the whole sequence on the left side. Feel free to do the sequence as many times as your body allows. 

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