Get Fit and Healthy Season 2

Get Fit and Healthy Season 2

Give your whole body a boost with six classes designed to improve your health and fitness.

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Like coffee without the crash!

Supercharge your whole body. These 6 classes will boost your health and fitness and you'll have some fun in the process!

You will improve your:

  • Energy levels
  • Twists
  • Balance
  • Core strength
  • Glute power
  • and Whole body health

Who is this for?

Get Fit and Healthy Season 2 is available to all EkhartYoga members

The classes are Level 2 so you can expect some challenges! We assume you already have experience of yoga so there will be less time on basic instructions and more continuous flow.

If you are new to yoga, we recommended you follow Esther's Hatha Yoga for Beginners programme beforehand. You can also try Season 1 Get Fit and Healthy in 10 Days

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