20 Mindful Minutes - Meditation Course

20 Mindful Minutes - Meditation Course

A 10-day meditation course with Esther Ekhart to help you develop an embodied mindfulness meditation practice.
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This meditation course with Esther Ekhart is based on the foundations of mindfulness: paying attention to the present moment without judgement.

Over the course of 10 classes you will learn

- How to set up your meditation practice with a technique that will be repeated in each of the 10 classes.
- Different dimensions of mindfulness using the breath, body, sensations, emotions, and thoughts as focus points in your meditations.
- Tools and techniques for dealing with obstacles to meditation including physical discomfort, challenging emotions and intrusive thoughts.

Suggested schedule

Practice the classes in this order as they build on each other. You'll learn different techniques in this program so it's helpful to try them out and find what works for you. Once you have completed the full course we suggest regularly practicing the classes that resonated with you the most.

The classes are suitable for everyone. If you've tried meditation before the techniques will help you deepen your practice. Beginners are most welcome too or you may wish to start with the shorter classes in our 10 minute 10 days meditation program before following with this program.

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