Arm Balance Essentials

Arm Balance Essentials

In this program you will build up to 3 key arm balance poses - Crow, Handstand and Flying Crow Pose. Work on your core, arm strength and flexibility.. all necessary ingredients for these poses. Suitable for all levels: even if you don't come into the full pose you will learn techniques to help your whole yoga practice.

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Work towards Crow pose, Handstand and Flying Crow pose in this program for all levels.

When we say 'all levels' we don't necessarily mean that everyone will be able to float into a perfect Handstand by the end of this program! However, you can certainly learn all the essentials of each of these poses by following the classes, even if you don't manage to get into the final pose.

Work on essential aspects of all arm balances including the core, upper body strength, flexibility and creating space.

Arm balances build energy and strength. They teach us how to approach and deal with challenges both on and off the mat because they require determination, practice and an open attitude. The program has something for everyone. Even if you feel the full poses are not going to happen in this lifetime, you’ll still learn some great alignment tips from the classes to help you in your general practice.