Restore Energy and Immunity

Restore Energy and Immunity

This program is for when you are feeling low in energy, ill or just plain tired. The restorative and healing yoga classes, meditations and pranayama will help restore your energy and promote healing. 

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Are you feeling tired or under the weather? This selection of classes will help you to rest, restore and renew. 

These restorative and therapeutic classes will help you restore your energy and immunity. Some classes are targeted specifically for when you are feeling ill or when you are recovering from an illness. So join in, rest, recover and be kind to yourself.  

Why restorative yoga?  

Restorative Yoga balances a fast lifestyle and can help to reduce physical and mental symptoms that are stress-related. Read more about the Benefits of Restorative Yoga

Who is this program for?

This program is available to all EkhartYoga members and is suitable for all levels. Although the classes are gentle please take responsibility for your own health. This program is not intended to replace medical advice.