How does the free trial work?

If you are new to EkhartYoga you can try us for free for 2 weeks. 

When you sign up for the free 2-week trial we will ask you for your payment details. Our Payment Service Provider, Buckaroo, will take a payment of 1 cent to verify your details. This will be refunded back to you.

You will then have full access to all classes and programs on EkhartYoga for two weeks. We recommend you try out different teachers and styles of yoga so you can get to know us.

If you decide not to continue your membership, just cancel during the trial period and you will not be charged the monthly subscription fee.

If you would like to continue your membership with us you do not need to do anything and your free trial will convert to a recurring monthly membership. We will automatically take payment from your account once your free trial ends and then again on approximately the same day every month following that.

You can view, cancel, or change your current subscription in your account settings.