How much is a subscription with Ekhart Yoga?

You can choose between a monthly or an annual subscription:

Monthly subscription:

  • You will pay a monthly fee of 12.50

  • Your monthly subscription is automatically renewed each month. You are automatically charged about 24 hours before the end of every subscription period

  • You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time in your account settings

Annual subscription:

  • You'll pay 120 for the year ahead and you’ll receive discounts from our partners plus a free month subscription gift for a friend.
  • Your annual subscription automatically renews each year until you cancel it.
  • This does not apply to annual subscriptions taken out before April 2nd 2019. If you have an annual subscription before that date we will send you a reminder when it's time to renew it.

Please note your bank or card issuer may also charge a small fee for overseas payments. Please check with your bank for specific details.