Mindfulness – The Moment as it is

What would happen if you added absolutely nothing to this moment? And if you would be totally ok with it?....


Let’s experience it right now.. exactly this moment, with what you are doing, not doing, or supposed to be doing..

STOP!  And let it be and happen

For a couple of seconds at least, stop judging anything and observe just as it is, comes and goes…
Try for 2-5 seconds to start with, after that the mind will kick in again, that’s fine, with practise you will manage longer!

For me it goes like this: Esther typing… mind racing,…fingers touching the dashboard…. sound of the washing machine in the background…. a thought of things that she should be doing…. a panic about doing nothing…. looking at birds hopping around… branches moving…. Esther getting up letting a cat in…. etc …… a certain peaceful sensation about it arising… nothing to do… it all just happens ….. space between the observer and Esther… Esther becomes something interesting to observe… an interesting object… I wonder what she is going to do next ? ..

The way I observe ‘Esther’ I can also observe the big bunch of flowers on the table… so beautiful… noticing the beautiful soft colours… the smell… the different shapes of the different flowers…and the green in between……

What about you?

Whenever you think about it through the day, do this. Stop for 2-5 seconds and just let it all be, happen and unfold.. thoughts included. Just let it happen.. don’t get involved!  Do it again and again and again and again.

I would love to know how it is for you, if your experience of yourself, the world changes … Leave me a comment! Today or tomorrow, but keep doing it!



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