Revolutionise Your Yoga with Esther, Julie and Gilda!

3 weeks, 3 teachers, infinite inspiration for your yoga practice and teaching!

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Join me, Julie Martin and Gilda Goharian for a very special program we have put together:

Revolutionise Your Yoga!

The Revolutionise Your Yoga program is about looking at your asana practice in a different way. 

Over 3 weeks each of us works with a theme, sharing with you what we have learned from explorations in our personal practices as well as from current research in the yoga and movement world. 

I’ll be showing you different ways to feel what is best for your own body and work with energy in the body. Julie Martin will be inviting you to ‘intelligently rebel’ against the yoga rulebook, moving beyond a linear practice. Gilda Goharian will round things off with Budokon yoga – a strong style of yoga which may challenge you mentally as well as physically. Read more about each of our themes and teachers below the video.

This programme isn’t about throwing out everything you’ve ever learned before in your yoga practice. But we hope that by the end of the three weeks you will have enjoyed experimenting and be inspired to continue this in your own yoga practice.

I hope you will join us!

Visit the program page to take part.

Revolutionise Your Yoga 

Get to know your teachers and each of our themes for the programme:

Week 1: Esther Ekhart – Exploring asana your body, your way

In my set of three classes we’ll learn about the value of function over form in yoga and honour the uniqueness and intelligence of our own bodies. We’ll explore feeling support from the ground up and space in the body, and how we can use this to help balance our energies. Those of you who have been practising with me for a while will recognise some elements of this that I have been bringing into classes already – it’s something I have been exploring in my own practice. I am excited to be able to share this with you in a series of classes which build on each other.

Week 2: Julie Martin – Intelligent rebellion

Julie’s week will encourage you to be intelligently rebellious when it comes to the ‘yoga rulebook’. Our body is designed to move in many directions, yet often our practice sticks to a linear structure. Through a creative series of movements with spiralling, waving, folding, rolling and dancing you may experience a new kind of freedom and strength in your body and your practice.
Julie will take you through spirals in the body, waving (instead of hinging) into forward folds and add in some Martial Arts mayhem!

Week 3: Gilda Goharian – Mix up your movement

Gilda’s week continues the Martial Arts theme and is all about challenging you mentally and physically. She will introduce you to elements of the Budokon Primary Series with its signature circular, Martial Arts inspired movements. Expect energising flows, core-strengthening push-ups and strong standing postures. You’ll also be encouraged to let go of your inhibitions by practising playful animal movements in order to create stamina and heat and bring your strength to a whole new level.

Revolutionise Your Yoga!

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