Health Boosting Yoga

This program will help you to boost your health with therapeutic yoga classes to support your immune system, nervous system, digestion, hormones and more.

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Your Classes
Video thumbnail for: Boost your immune system
Day 1: Stimulate your lymphatic system
Video thumbnail for: Cleaning the pipes: twists for physical and energetic health
Day 2: Twists for energetic and digestive health
Video thumbnail for: Stimulating the endocrine and immune systems
Class 3: Balance your hormones
Video thumbnail for: Restorative: deeply rest your body and mind
Class 4: Relax and restore your energy
Video thumbnail for: Yoga for a healthy digestive system
Class 5: Support your digestive system
Video thumbnail for: Yin Yoga for the liver and gallbladder
Class 6: Yin yoga for energetic health
Video thumbnail for: Inversions for beginners - shoulderstand
Class 7: Get upside down for your lymphatic system

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