Yoga Month Challenge

Experience the benefits of having a regular yoga practice for a month, especially great for getting back into a yoga routine.

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Week 1 Standing Poses
Day 1: Getting started - Increase your stability
Day 2: A grounding meditation
Day 3: Challenge yourself
Day 4: This week's Yin class
Day 5: Feel empowered!

Week 2 Twists
Day 1: Let's do the twist!
Day 2: Detox the mind - a meditation
Day 3: A new perspective
Day 4: Detox with Yin Yoga
Day 5 : Let's twist again

Week 3 Hips and Hamstrings
Day 1 : Release your lower back
Day 2: How are you?
Day 3: Allow emotions
Day 4: Soothe your hips and hamstrings
Day 5: Explore deeper

Week 4 Heart Opening
Day 1 : We're open!
Day 2: Heart opening meditation
Day 3: Joyous, trusting heart
Day 4: Yin yoga for the heart
Class 5: Breathe through your open heart!

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