10 yoga classes to support your sport

Sports-mad or gym bunny? Try these 10 yoga classes and give your hard-working muscles a helping hand.

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Whether you do specific sports or gym-based workouts, here are 10 yoga classes that stretch, strengthen and soften the muscles that support your activity. With a mix of teachers, levels and styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Core-strength, Somatics and therapeutic yoga.

1.聽The runner’s hero聽– 30 mins

Target tightness in the leg muscles – particularly the quads – in this class with Sandra Carson.

2.聽Yoga for cycling聽– 45 mins

Improve flexibility of the hamstrings, abductor muscles, pelvis and the lower back, plus stiffness in the shoulders and neck with Andrew Wrenn.

3.聽Yoga for swimmers聽– 35 mins

Release tension in the upper back/neck and quadriceps and strengthen the muscles supporting the spine with MacKenzie Miller.

4.聽Fluid power聽– 1hr

Pre-surf practice to help develop balance, strength and hip flexibility and improve body awareness with Nichi Green.

5.聽Olympics style yoga聽– 30 mins

How many Olympics sports can you fit into one class? Find out with Jeff Phenix! 

6.聽Yoga for tennis players聽– 45 mins

Work on the mobility of your upper body and release tension in your shoulders and spine. With MacKenzie Miller.

7.聽Working out to work in聽– 20 mins

David Lurey’s favourite cross-training exercises, combined with yoga poses and a little touch of ‘feel good talk’.

8.聽Post-workout聽– 45 mins

Yoga for in between, or after sports, focusing mainly on your lower back, hips, thighs and calves. With Esther Ekhart.

9.聽Freeing the muscles of the legs and hips聽– 50 mins

Release, lengthen, realign and balance the muscles of your legs, hips and feet. Fantastic for stiff, sporty muscles. With Lisa Petersen

10.聽Shoot the intention arrow聽– 30 mins

Find your true motivations and look them right in the face in this Vinyasa Flow class with Anat Geiger.

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Kirsty Tomlinson
Kirsty Tomlinson