The Warrior – Archetypes of Men

Based on the Archetypes of Masculinity by Carl Jung we explore the Warrior archetype - protector, disciplinarian and decision maker...

David Lurey

The spirit of the Warrior

Since time immemorial, cultures have created Warrior archetypes in society to fulfill several important roles. They are the protectors and strategists and give a positive relationship to discipline. With modern ‘warfare’ and over-protective parenting, we have lost some of the warrior fighting spirit and it is important that men call this part of their being into action to maintain a sense of loyalty to things that are really worth fighting for.  

When the warrior is neglected or abused, it is possible to become and feel detached from emotions and human relationships. Losing compassion and the great art of being a warrior, men can become cruel and heartless.

There is a difference between being a warrior on purpose and losing sight of what we have this energy for. The ancient Samurai of Japan give us a great example of the positive qualities of the warrior guiding us towards a respectful way of engaging in fighting and battle.

The Warrior off the mat

For those following “The 5 archetypes of men” series, during the ‘Warrior Weeks,’ we can be bit clichéd about it and suggest watching some movies about great warriors. (Seven Samurai {the original!}, Last of the Mohicans, Braveheart, etc…)  

But also be conscious of how you engage with others. Hold your ground, state your preferences clearly and build a positive relationship to discipline.

Also, take note of these body, mind and soul tips:


  • In addition to the yoga practices here, do something tough and physical during these weeks!
  • I suggest daily pushups / crunches / pull-ups or go for a run 2 – 3 times.  How about a long hike or even something more potent: take a kick boxing class, go the gym and lift some weights, or do a boot camp video on YouTube?!


  • Work on being more decisive.
  • Do something these weeks that scares you.


  • Find your core values and commit to holding them as a purpose in your life.

Week 1 of The Warrior archetype

Practise ‘The Warrior’ video at least three times in the first week to let the words and concepts sink in.  

Week 2

Practise these videos as your energy allows:

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