10 yoga classes for back pain

We鈥檙e all likely to experience back pain at some point in our lives. So we鈥檝e made a playlist of ten yoga classes that will help to ease pain and release tension.

lisa petersen supported bridge

Featuring a variety of teachers, yoga styles and class lengths, hopefully you鈥檒l find something that will make your back feel like bliss. 

1.聽Somatic quickie – arch and flatten

If you only do one Somatic exercise, do this one. A must for lower back pain. May also help sacroiliac conditions. Lisa Petersen / Somatics / 10 mins

2.聽Stretching & strengthening the thoracic area

For the mid to upper聽back聽V茅ronique invites you to stretch and open the thoracic area before strengthening it. Part of her聽Yoga for Back Health聽program.
V茅ronique Gauthier / Therapeutics / 20 mins

3.聽Loosen your stiff back聽聽

Mobilise your pelvis and spine, while releasing tension in the hip flexors. Great for those who experience back problems due to stiffness caused by sitting for long periods or strong workouts. Sandra Carson /  Hatha / 30 mins

4.聽Quick slow fix

The perfect way to unwind from a long car journey or a bad day at the office (or possibly both) and a great way to meditate on the body whilst soothing the lower back, hips and sacrum.
James Reeves / Hatha / 30 mins

5.聽Free your spine

A spinal release sequence for unsticking your vertebrae and finding your full range of movement again. Blissful, juicy and freeing! Lisa Petersen / Somatics / 45 mins 

6.聽Back and spinal support sequence

A gentle and nurturing practice aimed at people recovering from a back injury. This practice strengthens, supports and brings confidence back to your movement and to your practice. Andrew Wrenn / Hatha & Therapeutics / 45 mins 

7.聽Pain in the back?

Gentle dynamic movements on the rhythm of your breath. When breath, body and mind align, miracles happen, healing is one of them. Esther Ekhart / Hatha & Therapeutics / 50 mins 

8.聽Lower back and hip space

Apart from core and arm strength, Bakasana demands deep lower back and hip flexion; practicing this sequence will give you a way to develop space and flexibility in these areas. 
Anat Geiger / Yin/Yang Yoga & Vinyasa / 55 mins

9.聽Twisting and turning the spine

Calm your mind, connect with yourself and release tension in your whole back by twisting and bending in this soothing Yin class. Jos茅 de Groot  / Yin  / 60 mins

10.聽Forgotten rise in the spine

There is an overlooked area in the spine which remains collapsed – not many people notice this, including many experts in movements and bodywork. Aki helps us to access this area and wake it up in this 鈥榣ife-changing’ class! Aki Amori / Hatha & Somatics / 1hr 4mins

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Kirsty Tomlinson
Kirsty Tomlinson