10 Days of Vinyasa Flow

10 Days of Vinyasa Flow

Start your day with 30 minutes of fun, energising Vinyasa Flow yoga. 10 days, 10 teachers, many ways to practise Vinyasa!

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Ready, set...flow!

Start your day on a high note with uplifting Vinyasa Flow yoga.

What's included?

  • For 10 days in a row practise 30 minutes of Vinyasa flow yoga, with a different teacher bringing you their unique style each day.
  • These classes include a mix of approaches to yoga. You'll practise dynamic, energising yoga, fun dance-inspired sequences, through to softer, soulful flows.
  • These creative sequences will improve your mobility, balance and strength and help you to develop your regular practice.
  • Get a taste of the variety of ways to practise Vinyasa Flow yoga and find the style that suits you.

Who's it for? 

All you need to join in is a subscription to EkhartYoga and a yoga mat!

The program is suitable for all levels except complete beginners. If you're new to yoga we recommend you start with our Yoga for Beginners course first or take some classes in person with a local yoga teacher.

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