Yoga for Runners

These yoga classes for runners will improve stamina, strength and mobility, helping to prevent running injuries.

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Warm Up
Warm up: 20 minute quad focus
Warm up: Quick Sun Salutations
Warm up: Leg and hip focus
Warm up: Yin yoga for runners
Warm up: Get up and running!
Warm up: Wake up the body

Cool Down
: Quick routine on the run - 7 mins
: Four sets of 2 minute stretches
: Target your psoas and thighs
: Lower back and hips
: Hips and knees
: Great stretch routine before or after running
: Balance activity with stillness
: Cool your feet
: Love your legs

Regular classes for runners
: Free your IT band, glutes and piriformis
: Hamstring bliss
: Foundation and breath
: Focus on your hamstrings
: Floor yoga for your hips
: Love your legs
: General class
: A Restorative class
: Bend - don't break
: Improve your lung capacity

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