Stretch your comfort zone

Stretch your comfort zone

Challenge yourself in this 2 week program. Choose from two levels - advanced beginners or intermediate and test your fitness and your asana practice. 

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Challenge your boundaries mindfully

It is important in yoga to always be mindful of our boundaries, our ability and level. But it is also essential to challenge our boundaries/comfort zone mindfully. In our attempts to remain calm during a stressful/challenging class we retrain our brain to move from stress towards balance. This shift affects our thinking, helping us make decisions from a place of calm rather than stress. 

What's involved?

We will suggest 3 classes every week for two weeks, that will challenge and develop your strength and stamina of body and mind! And the good news is that you can choose the level you are currently at so you can find the right classes for you. 

Choose your level

We will offer classes for the experienced beginner or for the more intermediate yogis who have been practising for a while and want to challenge themselves.

During this program you may come across things that will challenge you mentally and physically, pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone. You could experience emotions like irritation and sadness, or expressions of doubt and self-criticism. Be aware of your mind's habitual patterns - this where the real work happens. When you notice these thoughts or emotions arise, stay with your breath and listen to your body. Gently and mindfully push your physical, mental and emotional boundaries, from a calm and centred place.