Balanced Body and Mind

Balanced Body and Mind

10 yoga and meditation classes to balance your body, mind and energy system.

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Balance your body, mind and energy system in this guided yoga program

- Learn different ways to improve your stability in various balancing yoga poses.
- Explore how to approach your practice with a balance of effort and ease and apply this philosophy to challenges in life off the yoga mat.
- Learn techniques to balance your energy body through Pranayama, Yin and Yang yoga and Kundalini-inspired mudra meditations.

The program is suitable for all levels of yoga students who are interested in going beyond asana and looking at some of the philosophical and energetic aspects of yoga.

We've grouped the classes into two sets of four yoga classes and one meditation so you could practice one set a week - but take as long as you need to to fit your own schedule. You'll also find some shorter class options and articles to support your classes.
If you're brand new to yoga start with Esther's Yoga for Beginners Course聽to take you through the basics first.

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