Just Yin Yoga

Just Yin Yoga

This collection of classes are purely Yin yoga, not mixed with any other yoga style. Target your deepest tissues and energy pathways.

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Work on the deepest tissues of your body and improve your energy flow

Yin yoga works on your ligaments, joints, bones and our deep fascia networks in the body. It enhances the flow of chi or energy through the body too. In Yin yoga poses are held for longer than in other styles of yoga. 

This program of Yin yoga classes includes a selection of classes from EkhartYoga focused on specific target areas in the body including neck, hips and the lower back.

We also have a selection of Yin classes from different teachers focused on the meridians or energy pathways that run through our body. 

These classes are a great compliment for a more active (yang) practice. 

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Who is it for?

This program is suitable for all levels and is available as part of your EkhartYoga membership.