21 Mornings with Yoga

21 Mornings with Yoga

Establish a morning yoga practice. Each class is around 20 minutes long so that you can easily fit it into your morning routine. Begin your day with yoga and practise for the joy of practising!

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Establish a morning yoga practice

Practise yoga every morning for 21 days! Integrate just 20 minutes of yoga into your day and you will quickly feel the benefits.

What to expect?

The classes in this guided online yoga program are all around 20 minutes long. The classes are a mix of yoga styles from different teachers.

How does it work? 

In order to follow this program, you need to have an EkhartYoga membership. However, every class has a free 5-minute preview, so browse through the classes to get a sneak peek :) 

If you're looking for slightly longer classes, try our 21 mornings with yoga - season 2! All classes are 30 minutes.