Strong core - Radiant health

Practise a unique combination of Pranayama (breathing techniques) and yoga, plus a daily cold shower to bring your core strength to the next level and invigorate and energise your body, mind and spirit.

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Your classes
Day 1: Pranayama for your core
Day 1: Yoga for your core
Day 2: A short opening practice with Irina
Day 3: Discover your core with Nichi
Day 4: Balance and breathe with Jennilee
Day 5: Core strength with Andrew
Day 6: Powerful flow with Esther Ekhart
Day 7: Core flow class with Marlene Henny
Day 8: Yin and Yang with Francesca
Day 9: Inner core with Sandra
Day 10: A funky flow with Anat
Day 11: Core salutes with MacKenzie
Day 12: Humble warrior with Esther
Day 13: Core flow class with Marlene Henny
Day 14: Going old skool with David Lurey

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