Spring into Strength

8 strength-focused yoga classes targetting different areas of the body.

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Video thumbnail for: Strong glutes, stable hips and pain free back
Day 1 - Stability from your centre: Strong glutes, stable hips and pain free back
Video thumbnail for: Core support and mula bandha
Day 2 - Bandhas: Core support and Mula Bandha
Video thumbnail for: Side Plank Flow
Day 3 - Arms: Side Plank Flow
Video thumbnail for: Releasing spine
Day 4 - Rest or Release: Releasing spine
Video thumbnail for: Build up your shoulder strength
Day 5 - Shoulders: Build up your shoulder strength
Video thumbnail for: Standing strong
Day 6 - Legs: Standing strong
Video thumbnail for: Wrist free flow
Day 7 - Wrist-friendly strength: Wrist free flow
Video thumbnail for: You are everything: Complete Yoga Nidra
Day 8 - Rest or Yoga Nidra: Complete Yoga Nidra
Video thumbnail for: Discover your core
Day 9 - Core: Discover your core
Video thumbnail for: Stronger on this earth: whole body
Day 10 - Whole body strength: Stronger on this earth: yoga with weights

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