Spring into Strength

Spring into Strength

8 strength-focused yoga classes targetting different areas of the body. Plus 2 rest days of gentle yoga and Yoga Nidra and a daily meditation on Inner Strength.

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Strength training improves posture, balance, muscle tone and bone health. It also has a positive effect on our mood and confidence too.

Our 10-day Spring into Strength program will help you discover your inner and outer strength! 

What to expect

  • 8 strength-focused 30-minute yoga classes. Each class targets a different area of the body.
  • 2 all important rest days with Yoga Nidra and gentle yoga classes. 
  • A short, daily meditation on emotional strength, with Esther Ekhart.

Who is it for?

This program is physically challenging but accessible for all levels. However, if you are completely new to yoga we suggest you follow our Yoga for Beginners Course first to get familiar with the basics.

EkhartYoga members have unlimited access to these classes so you can repeat them anytime. Include some rest days in your schedule.

Set your intention

As Andrew Wrenn says in his class - don’t approach the program as just an exercise, look at your intention first. Maybe you need to improve your strength for your posture, maybe you want to play with some of the more advanced practices. Acknowledging and setting an intention for every class can help you to focus. Sit quietly for a few moments before class to facilitate the right frame of mind. Invite into your practice that element of delight. Most of all, practise for the delight of practising!